Best Symphony Air Coolers in India

Symphony Storm 70XL

· Best Symphony coolers are famous for their well-being quality and the features that provide us under a reasonable price tag.

· It has a capacity of 70 liters in can cool a small room or office. It comes in with a room size of 450 square feet.

· It comes in with a technology called cross ventilation. If you play set in a room with proper cross ventilation, it will work fine.

· It comes in with four wheels, and it makes it easy to transport.

· It has high work efficiency motor and comes in with power support of 205 watts.

· It also has an item weight of around 41 pounds, making it lighter but not the lightest of this list.

· It also has a high power motor, which comes in with 3-speed settings and has a maximum speed motor of 1400 RPM.

· It also has a powerful fan with a special coating over it to protect it from rust.

· It has a vertical swing with a smart feature and can automatically swing towards the selected side.

· Overall, this symphony cooler will give you high power support and comes in with technology efficient features.

· It does not have a remote control, and you have to select the options from its panel only.

· It comes in with an all-white design and has a high-quality material used over it.

· The color scheme of this cooler is minimal and has a dual-tone color with white and have a little bit of blue.

· The design of this cooler also enables the great switch to match the panels.

· It is a decent option if you want an air cooler under a price tag of 11000 INR.

Symphony Diet 3D 30i Tower Cooler

· This cooler from symphony is one of the best segmental and affordable air coolers in the market.

· It comes in with a design segment of a tower cooler.

· It comes in with a university design and has white and black shades.

· It has four wheels option, which is easily visible.

· It also has a matte finish on its front panel, which makes it premium.

· Design segment of this cooler is decent and can fit into a small space, but you need to have a proper cross-ventilated room as it would do the job properly.

· It has a height of around 95 cm and comes in with a wattage of 145.

· It also has a plastic material over its body, which is not that great.

· It has a weight of around 12 kilograms, which makes it easier to transport.

· The Symphony air cooler has a capacity of 30 liters. It is decent for a small room but not for a hall or a big office.

· Overall it is a decent product with decent looking

· The power output of this product will not amaze you.

· It has three side cooling pad and is one of the best tower segment air coolers in the market.

· The cooler does not come in with an icebox, which is a disadvantage at this price tag.

Symphony Jumbo 70 Desert Air Cooler 70-litres

· Symphony Jumbo series is one of the most sold coolers in the market.

· The school has high tech support and has a vintage design segment with a modern look.

· It has a height of around 800 millimeters.

· This cooler also provides us with cooling pads and comes in with a fluid dispenser, which allows us fast cooling.

· It has a three fan speed motor customization and easy to use.

· It also has a power consumption of 185 Watts, which also works on the inverter.

· It has an operating voltage of 230 volts.

· Overall, this cooler with a price tag of 10000 INR.

· It also has a tire trolley, which makes it easier to transport.…

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