• It is the first ROG ROUTER with Aura RGB lighting, which can display hundreds of colors and many effects for a stylish vibe that matches other Aura-enabled gaming gear.
  • This router is large, with a vast base, eight swiveling antennas, and has a massive 10.8Gbps maximum.
  • It has a 2.5G WAN/LAN port for up to 2.5X faster data transfers than regular Ethernet.
  • It has a 1.8GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU to easily handle the online gaming, supercharging USB data transfers, and power LAN parties.
  • It has built-in custom-made and gaming-oriented optimizations that provide plenty of control. You can even pair it with other Asus routers for mesh networking to cover a larger area.
  • For convenience, it has a customizable button on the front of the router that gives you to instantly control a function of your choice, such as Aura RGB lighting, Game Boost, or the DFS bands.
  • It is the best WiFi router for gamers.


  • It is suitable for households with heavy WiFi use. This tri-band router provides integrated speeds of up to 2.2 Gbps for lag-free entertainment and productivity. This router has an MU-MIMO technology so that your whole family can stream the game, and perform other high-bandwidth tasks at the same time with the same speed.
  • Using MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology, the EA8300 provides a high-speed WiFi connection to many devices at the same time.
  • When paired with an equal Max-Stream range extender, the EA8300 provides a robust and seamless WiFi signal.
  • It has provided with four Gigabit Ethernet ports; the EA8300 supports wired connections up to 10x faster than standard Ethernet. By the ultra-fast USB 3.0 port, you can easily connect shared storage devices, printers, and others to the network.
  • It has a dynamic frequency selection (DFS) certification from the FCC, and this certification makes the Tri-Stream 160 possible, and also it triples the number of channels available at 80MHz.
  • It has Link Aggregation that can double the speed of data transfer by enabling dual Ethernet connections from the router to the external storage device.


  • It has a dynamic optimization engine that automatically identifies gaming traffic to give you an advantage during heated raids, PvP encounters, and ranked matches.
  • It has an AC5400 tri-band WiFi speeds over the 2.4 GHz (1000 Mbps) and two 5 GHz bands (2167 Mbps), and these three WiFi bands make it easier to simplify your network.
  • It has Archer C5400X requires MU-MIMO and Airtime Fairness to balance the requests of every device with speed and precision.
  • It has eight Gigabit Ethernet ports that can connect PCs, smart TVs, and game help to the fast, wired connection without needing a switch.
  • It has two LAN ports using the Link Aggregation to double connection speeds from 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps for Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and PCs with LACP. Combine the WAN port with a LAN port to connect DOCSIS 3.1 modems for best-in-industry internet speeds.
  • It has comprehensive threat protection, TP-Link HomeCare, powered by Trend Micro, that protects every device from the latest cyber dangers with outstanding safety, built-in antivirus, and cutting-edge intrusion prevention.


  • It has a WiFi router that supports MU-MIMO for simultaneous streaming and delivers extreme speed so that you can enjoy less lag and less buffering.
  • Netgear Nighthawk provides AC2300 WiFi, a powerful dual-core 1GHz processor, & MU-MIMO for simultaneous streaming with multiple devices.
  • It accesses your stored media quickly with USB 3.0 and keeps it safe with free automatic backup software for PCs & time machine friendly for Macs.
  • It enhances your mobile WiFi speeds by 100% with the Nighthawk router, and high powered amplifiers & antennas help extend WiFi coverage throughout the large homes & even backyards.
  • It is friendly with Amazon Echo/Alexa.
  • It operates your home network using your voice commands.

5. D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router

  • The D-Link Wireless N 300 Router (DIR-615) is suitable for upgrading your existing wireless home network and with the QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth optimization to assess and separate multiple data streams. The DIR 615 has to handle multiple wireless devices and allow smooth streaming over your whole home network.
  • The wireless N 300 gives an excellent solution for sharing an Internet connection and files such as video, music, photos, and documents.
  • The Setup Wizard walks you step by step through the installation process to configure your Internet connection, wireless network, and security.
  • The DIR-615 supports the latest wireless security, improves to help prevent unauthorized access from over a wireless network or from the Internet.
  • The Wireless N 300 Router utilizes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to avoid possible attacks from over the Internet.
  • The DIR-615 is planned to maintain energy, protect our environment from harmful substances, and reduce waste by using recyclable packaging and D-Link Green devices to provide choices without adjusting performance.
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