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Right now, it can be difficult for a busy professional who not only wants to easily find a high-quality restaurant, but find one that fits your personal tastes. It gets even more complicated when the stakes are high, with clients to entertain and impress. Too many times the modern businessperson has had to rely on generalized information and cluttered review sites to find the best place to eat, making every meal a roll of the dice. With Taste those days of uncertainty and unsatisfactory dining experiences are over. Through cutting edge data science, we remove the clutter and focus on delivering recommendations and analytics tailored specifically to your needs, which allows you to spend less time trying to find the perfect restaurant and feel confident that with Taste you will enjoy a great dining experience every time you go out to eat.


Taste is the future of restaurant recommendations

We leverage the data you generate every day to your advantage, giving you a much-needed edge when it comes to arranging the perfect meal. Upon signing up for Taste and linking your account, your profile is automatically populated with past dining experiences going back up to two years. From the instant you sign up you will already have a concise picture of your dining history and new restaurants are added to your profile automatically every time you swipe your credit card.


Know exactly what type of experience they prefer and make the right decision

In the past, the simplest and most reliable way to get a great restaurant recommendation was to call a friend and hope they got back to you before you had to go out. With Taste that process has never been easier. By building a network of trusted friends and professional contacts within the app, you can see what restaurant the people whose judgement you trust have recommended, even when you can’t get ahold of them. What’s more, you can view the public details of your connections so that when you need to take someone out to dinner you can know exactly what type of experience they prefer and make the right decisions.


Create and curate an individualized profile of your dining history

What good is having data if you can’t use it? Taste uses cutting edge data science to deliver a wide variety of personalized statistics to help you better understand the way you eat. By tracking statistics such as your top cuisine types, your average dollars spent, and most frequented places Taste can create and curate an individualized profile of your dining history.


Il Ristorante 2 Days Ago

Little Italy 6 Days Ago

Bianchi 18 Days Ago

La Casa de Pasta 33 Days Ago


Chance 3 Days Ago

The Vine 25 Days Ago

The Oak 44 Days Ago

Whiskey Tower 65 Days Ago


Autumn Lily 5 Days Ago

Petals 14 Days Ago

Bianchi 36 Days Ago

Curiosity 90 Days Ago


Chocolate Whale 23 Days Ago

Little Italy 88 Days Ago

Bengal Tree 118 Days Ago

Moroccan Heart 133 Days Ago

20% Italian

5% Other


50% Steakhouse

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