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Albany Business Review - September 1st, 2017

The Taste App - Albany Business Review

Two entrepreneurs from Troy are pitching a restaurant recommendation app to investors at TechCrunch in San Francisco this month that's designed for business professionals.

Chris Raymond and Kevin Vanderwarker, who both work at IT companies in the Albany area, came up with the idea for Taste App from years of traveling for business. Raymond said they often struggled to decide where to take a client, or forgot the name of a restaurant where they had a great experience.

They have raised $120,000 in angel and friends and family money toward the app. Check out the website here.

Taste App, which is in a pre-beta stage, pairs with LinkedIn and a user's credit card company to document where they have eaten. It also allows you to see what restaurants your LinkedIn connections have eaten at to make business dining decisions easier.

"Chris and I realized something was missing. We kept dining out, we kept having this need," Vanderwarker said. "Our app focuses on dining recommendations for the discerning user. What we mean by that is discerning users, people with good taste and judgment, want access to information."

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