Top 10 Latest and Best 8GB Memory Card to Buy in India

How does a small card hold so much information?

A memory card is a small device that is used for storing information. It stores data like videos, images, files, etc. They are used in several electronic devices like mobile phones, DVDs,

televisions, etc. They are portable, light-weighted, and noiseless. Memory cards have become life-saving and time-saving gadgets. Before buying memory cards, one must keep certain things in mind like the quality, capacity, type, and brand.

The five latest and best 8GB memory cards to buy in India are:

Strontium 8GB Micro SDHC Class 6 Memory card:

Strontium is a technology company which manufactures flash memory. It offers memory cards with a variety of features. It is the correct use of money.

# It is easy to use

# It is of small size

# price- Rs229

Samsung MB- MA08D 8GB class 6 Micro SDHC Memory card

Samsung is one of the largest producers of electronic devices. It offers the best quality memory cards with more space and speed. It offers high storage devices.# It has plenty of space

# It is magnet-proof

# It is waterproof

# Price – Rs525

Toshiba 8GB Micro SD card class 10 MB/S Memory card:

Toshiba gives the easiest way to the users to store media in multicolors. It offers the most light-weighted memory card with Data Protection Software.

# It has a high speed of transfer

# High storage capacity

Kingston SDC4/8GB class4 Micro SDHC Memory card:

Kingston offers practical and portable memory cards in class4

# It has a high storage capacity

# It is of class 4 speed

# Price- Rs1251

San Disk 8GB SDHC card class 4 Memory Card :

San Disk allows the users to buy handy and friendly memory cards with super smooth and high speed.

# It has 8GB storage

# It is best for working under harsh conditions

# It has a unique security feature

# It is X-Ray proof

# It has more extended durability

# Price- Rs 269

Hp 8GB Micro SD card:

Hp provides the best memory cards with a variety of features. Some of the best features of hp memory card are:

# class 10 performance.

# can be used in the latest mobile phones

# Lifetime warranty available

# It is easy to install

# price – Rs229

MM cards 8GB Micro SDHC Memory Card

# It is of class1

# It can be used in all latest devices

# It has higher durability

# It has a high transfer rate

# Price – Rs199

MORMAX 8GB class 6 Memory Card

MORMAX offers memory card at reasonable prices with high durability.

Some of the features of MORMAX 8GB memory card are:

# It is waterproof

# It is magnet proof

# It is temperature proof

# price – Rs225

GO card 8GB memory card

# It is of class 10

# It has a hood transfer rate

# price – Rs190

Transcend 8GB class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card

Transcend offers memory card with great and advanced features with high compatibility and excellent transfer rate.

Some of the features are:

# It has 32 GB storage capacity

# It can be used for entry-level DSLRs

# It has 50MB/s reading and 20MB/s writing capacity.

# Rs 849

These were some of the best and latest 8 GB memory cards to buy in India at reasonable prices. One must buy a memory card from these only and should see all the features and details before buying it.

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